Villanueva de la tercia

Villanueva de la tercia


Building of great historical importance located in Pizarro Street (former Jewish quarter). Built in 1310, it was the residence of some personalities of the Order of Alcántara. The Mesa Maestral was installed in it. “From Villanueva de la Serena came the voice that was to contribute effectively to the pacification of Castile”.  On March 17, 1313, the Commanders and Masters of the different Orders met and agreed to unite to defend the rights of Alfonso XI.
It is a two-story building of whitewashed masonry and stone, with a granite linteled doorway on the first floor and three windows with bars on the upper floor. It is currently in a state of ruin.
The Council, Justice and Aldermen of Villanueva requested and obtained from King Philip II, on August 25, 1575, a license to build the Town Hall and the necessary buildings for the Council. They also obtained a license to take from the census the amount of 250,000 maravedís, to build the House, including “the granary for wheat, jail and the Audiencia, because there was none in the town, what there should be”.


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These waters, close to Puerto de Pajares and which will now be bottled, also supplied a spa that was very popular in the 19th century and which was used by many people to cure their rheumatic, intestinal, hypertension and also gout ailments. However, these are differentiated water channels, the one that was once used as thermal and which emanates at a higher temperature, 28 degrees, and the one that will now be bottled.
This newspaper has tried to contact Alvisán’s managers to find out more details of this project and to confirm whether they also intend to start up a spa in this enclave near the Port of Pajares, but, for the moment, no response has been received.

Villanueva de la tercia en línea

This is the case of Villanueva de la Tercia, belonging to the municipality of Villamanín, and located at an altitude of 1,180 meters. Thicknesses of more than one meter in height have blocked access to homes and garages, making it impossible to carry out day-to-day life normally.
From Villanueva, they tell us that “the snowplow put the blade straight ahead and did not remember the streets on the sides”, which has caused that only the access to the village from the N-630 is moderately clean, as well as the access to the church.

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