Peña ciclista los llanos

Peña ciclista los llanos

What is a folding bike like? ❤️¿was it worth it?

The understanding between the escapees was good, thanks to which they arrived outstanding to the finish line where they played for the victory in a tight sprint in which the fastest was Iker Zabaleta, ahead of Miguel A. Garcia Acosta and Jose C Gil.
The negative note of the day was the fall that occurred 200 meters from the finish line in the arrival of the peloton. It seems that the worst part was taken by Ruben Juan Lamban (Betón), who had to be taken to hospital for observation due to a pneumothorax.  Let’s hope that those affected recover soon, cheers guys!

Route to cortes with the peña ciclista los llanos in march 2016.

Beyond the fact that the coronavirus originated in China, I believe that in the world we have been stuck in a worrying normality, this normality is the problem. We have arrived at this pandemic because we have done things wrong, humanity proved that it deserves to be locked up at home.
As has happened at other times in history, crises are the triggers for change. They make us react. Much was said about digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cultural transformation, but few took it on with a sense of urgency. Now, this crisis is forcibly changing countries, cities, organizations and individuals.
Our education system, until now distant from the digital and without a look that integrates the private and state sector, is at the time to accelerate digitization projects and reform the system that requires to avoid profiteering, to be more equitable and provide quality education. Jaime Saavedra, Director of the World Bank’s Global Education Practices reinforced this on Cuarto Poder this Sunday.

Basque team

Once we reached the foot of the routes in the Canalizos Sector, we took a look and decided to take the one to the left of the so-called “Initiation” route, which in some forums is known as “Los juegos del Trampas” (The Trampas Games).
Our initial idea was to have descended by climbing down a channel further to the east of the Canalizos Sector, but at this point, the wet rock discourages climbing and it seems more interesting to follow the cordal.
If you want to do the route avoiding the climbing routes, although it will be necessary the support of the hands in some points, it will be simple, short in distance and of little unevenness, but entertaining and visual at all times.

Peña ciclista los llanos, departure 8-9-2015

Andrea was the winner of Miss Teen Caribe Nacional representing the department of Meta and is calling for the election of representatives of this region to the event in the capital of Atlántico.
Villavicencio, will host the election of nine candidates, who will represent the departments of Amazonas, Arauca, Caquetá, Casanare, Guainía, Guaviare, Meta and Vichada, as well as Villavicencio.
Emilio Cáceres, the franchisee of the Reign in the Llanos area, announced that the call for candidates to be in the national reign is open and they can register on whatsapp 315 3551544.

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