Castro valnera desde lunada

Castro valnera desde lunada

Castro valnera march’15

Once again, I hesitate before publishing this modest “little report”, as I am aware of how little I can contribute about such a popular and well known area (although brutally spectacular), straddling the provinces of Burgos and Cantabria. As if this were not enough, the goal, which is surely the most emblematic summit of the place.
In the end, I decide to do it, more with the purpose of preserving a memory, than with the intention of discovering something new. If I remember correctly (and hence the title of the report), it is the fourth time I have been lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of that environment. And for the record, it is not my habit to repeat routes that I already know, but this is one of those that we usually say that never disappoint.
We made a slight variation with the one on the way out, to “bargain” the vertiginous descent, where we lost a lot of altitude in a part of the road and now, returning by the same site, we would have to climb:
In the maps of the area edited by those of Al filo de lo Infrungible, you will see what I tell you. By the way, these maps in the bar of the Machorras, at a reasonable price and that will give us many ideas of where to discover new routes or how to link some with others.

Castro valnera and pico la miel on skis from lunada

When I finally reached the “summit”, I did not even stop to take the classic summit photo, as there were several people eating around the geodesic vertex. But from here you can see a second summit, relatively close. (I’m sorry I can’t tell you its name, if it has one, because I don’t know it).
Once cleared the summit, I return to it and I do not regret at all the “tip” because this view is magnificent. All those who were crowding the summit were purple with chorizo, but they missed this fantastic image of their “dining room”.
I think this time I went too far this time and I was too much of a “pesao”. Even for me it was getting long and to top it off, I’m on vacation at work, so…. “the ambassador from Picos will strike again”.

Castro valnera by the tube + eye of the vulture

We took the van to where the snow cut the way, we began to put on “the orthopedics”, which is how we call in the mountaineering team the ski touring equipment, and we began to jib along the track.
Most of the time we choose to pass the pass and enter the mass of Castro Valnera through a narrowing that is just past a characteristic rock ledge, but seeing the snow conditions (probably much looser on the slope in front of us than where we are right now) we decided to go “straight ahead”.
Being at the top we get a guasap from Jose and Ivan who have decided to come later, warning that they are near the top, so another good reason not to move and continue enjoying this.

Route of the castro valnera

We leave Espinosa de los Monteros towards the Lunada pass on the BU 570 and two kilometers after Las Machorras we turn off on the BU 572 to the Lunada pass that we will climb almost to the top, we leave the car in a parking lot on the left at kilometer 8.5, at the top there is not always room and if the north blows it is better not to be up to change.
We continue south towards the Pico de la Miel, but without reaching its summit we turn a little to the left to look for the Canal del Embudo, short but important slopes that leads us to an area of grassland that we cross in a southerly direction to look for another pass that allows us to descend to the area called Torcaverosa, above the glacial valley of Bernacho that from here we can see from a bird’s eye view.

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