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The RDW (Dutch Road Traffic Authority) keeps track of the vehicle data of all cars registered in the Netherlands. Via the RDW OVI (Online Vehicle Information) you can request all the details of a vehicle and view them immediately, free of charge.
View all the vehicle information online on this website from the RDW OVI. Via the license plate, the data are automatically retrieved and made visible online. Fill in the license plate number on the yellow license plate and then press the black “check” button.
This report is the most comprehensive online license plate report. More than 100 RDW points about the vehicle including: Vehicle length, vehicle weight, fuel, MOT results, WOK results, stolen vehicle check and recall actions.
All data in 1 overview can be viewed online for free. Enter the license plate number and press the gray button “Check”. The ovi RDW vehicle registration report will then be loaded automatically with all the vehicle data.

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Want to know if a vehicle has had damage? Enter the license plate number on the left and see immediately if there is any damage registered. We have registered more than 40 million damage reports for Dutch cars.
View the damage report by entering the license plate number on the left. Then the report with all the data will be loaded. The entire report can be downloaded and printed in PDF format. The report shows free WOK (waiting for inspection) reports in the report. For more information about WOK reports, please visit this page.


Searching by license plate offers the possibility to retrieve vehicle data. In the Netherlands, a vehicle is linked to a unique registration number. The vehicle information for that license plate is managed by the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW), among others.  To check your license plate, first fill in your vehicle registration number. Then you will be directed to a page that describes information about the vehicle. Depending on what exactly you want to know about the vehicle, you can also request various reports from us for a small fee. If you want to perform a free license plate check, you will receive the basic information.The free basic information includes general technical information, whether the vehicle needs to undergo an MOT test and the dimensions and weight. If you want more information about the current market value of the car, mileage, damage or number of previous owners, we can help you with the damage report or purchase report.


For most people, buying a vehicle is quite a task, after all, you don’t do this (normally) every day, so you want to be sure that you are making a good purchase that will retain its value. In addition, of course, you want to know that the vehicle is both technically and legally in order and that you are not paying too much money for the vehicle. Most of the costs are often not in the purchase of the vehicle, after all, you get a large part of the purchase price back at a sale, most of the costs are mainly in the maintenance of the vehicle, these costs you get at a sale (usually) no longer.
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