Unique pink collagen opiniones

Unique pink collagen opiniones

Collagen recommended by dermatologists

If you have never entered a pharmacy except to buy medicines, we have news for you: you have a whole world to explore. And the fact is that in these stores we not only find accurate information to improve our health but also a selection of treatments, creams (for face and body) and hair care products that you can’t even imagine.
Because no, my friend, it’s not only the studies that back it up. Those who have tried it rave about it. One of these women with fabulous skin is Sol Aguirre, a writer based in Madrid (don’t miss her books Un día no es un día de la semana and Las primeras veces and, above all, her blog Las Claves de Sol). Sol, besides writing day and night, does workshops, coaching sessions and many Stories in which she opens our eyes to all those good things in life that make us happy. One of them is Unique Pink Collagen.
And more good news. Sol Aguirre confirms that it won’t cost us anything to take it since it tastes phenomenal. “It’s great, it tastes like red fruits, otherwise I wouldn’t drink it. I am incapable of drinking something I dislike. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to notice juicier and better looking skin.”

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The Unique concept has been developed with the most innovative cosmetic technology, based on the combination of components rich in vitamins C and E, phenolic acid and hyaluronic acid. Its benefits on the skin have been scientifically proven and on this occasion, Unique has managed to synthesize them in its two reference products: Unique White Serum and Unique Pink Collagen.
Vitamin B9Also called folic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin necessary in the formation of nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, responsible for transmitting gene information to the cells. In addition, vitamin B9 improves the synthesis of amino acids and is involved in the development of the nervous system.
Camu CamuSurely one of the great unknowns of the Unique Pink Collagen formula. It is a fruit with a high Vitamin C content. Like pitaya, it is one of the most used fruits among influencers to promote beauty products on social networks, standing out for its surprising action to prevent skin aging: it improves its elasticity, stimulates collagen production and helps to considerably reduce facial expression lines.

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Welcome back to the blog of Farmacia Senante. Today I come to solve all the doubts that you ask me so often about oral collagens. Specifically Unique Pink Collagen and Unique Green Collagen. You say to me, Eduardo, is it necessary to take collagen, is it beneficial, yes, no, which one, how, why? Well, I am here to help you to solve all these issues in a clear way as I always try to do.
In today’s article I am going to talk about the two best collagens for the skin, the similarities and differences they have and how to combine them if you want to get the benefits of both collagens. I explain everything in the following video. Which one do you choose?
I have always been very skeptical about taking collagens but I recognize that, from certain scientific studies that appeared in 2019 (not sponsored by manufacturer, that this is super important), and although much remains to be studied, there are already demonstrations of improved skin quality at the level of hydration and firmness above all, with the intake of certain collagens.

Pink collagen meritxell pharmacy

In addition, stress, solar radiation, and other factors related to the accelerated pace of life cause the release of free radicals. These free radicals are the ones that break down the collagen and elastin of our skin, which causes deep wrinkles and increased sagging.
Vitamin B9: It is also known as folic acid. This vitamin is necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA, which are responsible for transmitting information from genes to cells. It also has the important function of improving the synthesis of amino acids, which are the structures that form proteins, including skin proteins.
Camu Camu: It is a fruit with a very high Vitamin C content, with a surprising action to prevent skin aging. It stimulates collagen production. This helps to noticeably reduce facial expression lines and improve elasticity.
FLAT BELLY EFFECT: By improving intestinal transit and microbiota, the belly deflates. In addition, Unike Pink Collagen decreases the accumulation of toxins in the intestine and improves the absorption of nutrients.

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