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In Ariadna’s case, her passage through Guadalix de la Sierra, meant a typecasting for life. Although she assures that “she would go back in” to change certain things. At the time, she was not aware that it was a television program and that marks. However, after her nose job last September and her marriage breakup, Ari has decided to show herself openly in the aforementioned magazine. Her full nude not only shows her tattoos but also the new stage she has just started. She is unrecognizable.
Five editions later and when asked if she would be a contestant in Gran Hermano again, Ariadna is not sure: “I think I would do it again, but in a different way. On the one hand, I would not go back because all that glitters is not gold. Fame, and more so reality fame, has good things, you get opportunities but only on television and you have to like it, but it closes many other doors because GH is a program that pigeonholes you for life”.
In fact, the former contestant assures that if you want to “open other doors it is not the best option to have gone through GH, it limits you. That’s the part I don’t like. I would enter again because I feel more resentful. I was very stupid and I was not aware that it was a television program”.

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After the uncomfortable test, Ari, as she is known by her close friends, reported her condition at the exit of the hospital: “I’m out of the MRI. I’m alive. I hope everything is all right, that they don’t have to do anything to me, that they leave me alone and stop giving me MRIs because I have a terrible time…. Although they were very serious. I don’t know, that’s what’s bothering me. But well, I’m sure it’s nothing and that’s just the way they were…”. A wish shared by all and to which only time will give an answer.according to the criteria of The Trust ProjectLearn moreSee links of interestThe director of El Mundo selects the news of greatest interest to you.

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But the surprising thing has been her physical change. If you pass her on the street now, you won’t recognize her. And she herself has made sure that we can follow her evolution. After seeing her in the edition of
Fortu and Carolina Sobe? That is the big question that will be resolved in a few days by the contestants themselves. Ari says no, but Carolina’s defender contradicts him. And what’s more, Jorge Javier confirms that
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Así que sí, se puede decir que Steve es un hombre ocupado. Y no, por si te lo estás preguntando, el programa no está cortando lazos con él por su infame metedura de pata en Miss Universo 2015, donde anunció por error a Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez como ganadora cuando en realidad era Miss Filipinas Pia Wurtzbach. Mientras esperamos a ver si Steve vuelve oficialmente a Miss Universo el año que viene, disfrutaremos viendo cómo Mario y Olivia nos guían en el concurso de 2021, que se retrasó un año y medio por la pandemia de coronavirus. Ni que decir tiene que los aficionados al mundo de los concursos están muy ilusionados con la coronación de una nueva Miss Universo, independientemente de quién sea el anfitrión del certamen.
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