Pablo lopez y miriam

Pablo lopez y miriam

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The singer of OT 2017 has settled the controversy that has been pursuing him for several months. The ‘buenrollo’ that she had with one of the most recognized singers of our country made some media relate them sentimentally together. It all began with the release of a song by Miríam in which Pablo López participated, entitled “No! After this she was the singer’s advisor in the program ‘La Voz’ of Antena 3.
Miriam Rodriguez made some statements in the meeting she had with her fans of Cadena Dial. The presenter asked her a question about her personal situation. The singer responded somewhat upset “What happens, that you can not have a friendly relationship with someone, that they have to relate to you?

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But, for the ‘shippeadores’, this ‘friendship relationship’ (let’s call it that for the moment) started much earlier… Miriam already confessed that she “loved” Pablo while eating at the OT academy, Miriam spoke about the singer: “For me he was the best from the beginning”, she confessed. And then came the day. They met. Pablo came to the academy and they were able to take their first photo together.
And if all this wasn’t enough, they share with all their followers tender images of the two of them sharing dinner… “What a beautiful shared madness. To all the team of people who make it possible for something so wonderful to be real and for me to be part of it, thank you. I hope to continue sharing with you always,” wrote Miriam next to the picture.
And it doesn’t end here, we are still going to enjoy a lot of them together, and Miriam will be Pablo’s advisor in ‘La Voz’. To announce it, they have shared a video in which their looks speak for themselves… Judge for yourselves.
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All eyes were on the premiere of the second phase of La Voz. The teams of Luis Fonsi and Pablo Lopez began the first rounds, and nerves were palpable in the atmosphere. Alongside them were their advisors, Bustamante and Miriam Rodríguez respectively. However, the performances were not exclusively the focus of the fans’ attention. The apparent ‘flirting’ between Lopez and the former triumphant, sparked all kinds of rumors. Rumors that, by the way, have been circulating in the rumor mill for weeks.
When everyone believed that Pablo Lopez and Miriam Rodriguez were more than friends, photographs of the coach of La Voz with his girlfriend Claudia in romantic attitude appear. However, there are many followers of both performers who believe that there is something more between them. And more, since last night, check in situ the great complicity that oozed.


Taking full advantage of the success she has achieved after her time in the academy of Operación Triunfo, Miriam Rodríguez releases her first album Cicatrices and does so with a very special collaboration, that of Pablo López.
Miriam: It doesn’t bother me at all, it doesn’t affect me at all. Everyone is free to think what they want to think, it is clear that what you think is logical but well, this came about that way, entering Pablo’s house. Pablo and I have a very strong connection, he is like my brother, part of my family. I don’t mind what people think, but that’s not the reality. That it could be, yes, but that it is not, too.
Miriam: I like that they talk about my work and I like that they talk about what I do professionally, that’s the reality, I’m not going to lie to you. I understand that it exists for a reason, the people who work in it are obviously there because they have to be there. I don’t give it importance, nor do I stop giving it importance. I don’t find out much about these things because I live in a very parallel world where I don’t find out anything, neither when they come out nor when they don’t, but well, I think we have to relativize everything.

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