Maria frubies y maria pombo

Maria frubies y maria pombo

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A few weeks ago, when Maria Pombo announced her pregnancy, the rumors started. The youngest Pombo sister commented “Although I would have liked to wait a little longer to tell you the news…” and rumors began to circulate. Because what María was subtly letting slip was that someone had been in charge of spreading the news of her pregnancy, forcing her to abandon all the discretion with which she had been handling it until that moment.
María Fernández-Rubíes and María Pombo could be angry. Rumors began to point to María Fernández-Rubíes as the possible “mole”. Maybe it was unintentionally or not, but the fact is that she was one of the names that sounded the most as a candidate for the bombshell. What is certain is that, since then, the relationship between them is, so to speak, on pause.
If we look on Instagram, María Pombo no longer follows María Fernández-Rubíes’ husband, Manu Losada. And he does not follow neither María nor her husband Pablo. Strange, to say the least, since Pablo and Manu were lifelong friends. And “Las Marías” no longer comment on each other or like each other’s photos…

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INSTAGRAM @MARIAFRUBIES One of the deco tricks of the influencer María Fernández-Rubíes is to adapt the living room textiles to each season. While in the presentation of the house tour the light tones stood out, a few days later we have seen other touches of joy in the living room. How? With summer cushions, books, candles and bouquets with lots and lots of color!
INSTAGRAM @MARIAFRUBIES TREASURES OF THE MADRID RASTROOne of María’s favorite corners is the one occupied by the triptych mirror in the living room, a relic she found during one of her walks through the famous Madrid flea market.
INSTAGRAM @MARIAFRUBIES View this post on InstagramA post shared by MARÍA FERNÁNDEZ-RUBÍES SOLER (@mariafrubies)AN INFLUENCER-WORTHY DRESSING ROOMAs expected, María Fernández-Rubíes’ dressing room is influencer-worthy, meaning it has plenty of closets and storage spaces (when you see her collection of clothes and shoes you’ll understand why).

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For her part, F.Rubíes wrote on Instagram: “The truth is that I wasn’t planning to pronounce on the matter, but I feel the need to do so because I consider that things are being taken out of context.All relationships go through different moments, but the truth is that María Pombo has indeed congratulated me on the birth of Nico. Because she is happy for everything good that happens to me, as I am happy for everything good that happens to her,” he said. We are waiting to see how the relationship evolves. What is certain is that for the moment the husband of María F.Rubíes has stopped following María Pombo and her husband on Instagra.Conforming to the criteria of The Trust ProjectSaber másSee interesting links

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Nico, the first son of María Fernández Rubíes their separation has become more than evident, so much so, that the two influencers have taken to their Instagram accounts to clarify, to some extent what is happening between them. María Pombo and Frubies have explained that although their friendship is not going through its best moment, there is no open war between them as many point out.
Be that as it may, and speculations aside, both affirm that they still love each other even though their relationship is not going through its best moment… and at least, that is what matters. Time will tell if they choose to tell what has really happened between them.
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