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“[Reviewer Season 5]: The new of this proposal comes amazing with more and better adventures, with an unexpected growth in the dramatic arc of many characters and with the participation of more and better stars.”
“[Reviewer Season 4]: It starts well, although its pace and the more confined spaces in which the main characters find themselves makes it lose some of the tension that the previous season had (…) Score: ★★★★½ (out of 5)”
“[Reviewer Season 2]: It continues to work thanks to its cast. It’s very intriguing, addictive, and occasionally a little rage-inducing, but that’s the makings of the best heist thrillers.”
“The series that the viewer needed (…) A magic in direction within the reach of very few (…) The acting team is impressive. (…) ‘La casa de papel’ is all this: original, risky, complex and quality.”
“Too many episodes but a vibrant closure (…) It is one of the few fictions whose direction and visuals improve in the final stretch (…) They have a fantastic pulse, with action scenes that should not change a single shot”.

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I just finished the first part of season 5 and what I’ve seen is a mix between The Mercenaries and Die Hard (all of it, Spanish style, of course). I do not understand that the gafapastas who criticize those x their violence and superficiality, praise this one, I guess just for being just that, a national product.
In the same vein, there are its puppets, that is, the rest of the characters. In the first seasons, you accept them, you even sympathize with the group of thieves (be careful, nobody should forget that in reality they are the bad guys, the ones who rob and hold innocent people), but as the fireworks are already from another galaxy, and the impossible scenes happen, you say: “Hey, that’s enough, let them finish with this bunch of rednecks once and for all”.
In short, good effects, good action, ingenious initial idea, but also constant repetition of plot, cheap philosophy and frayed nerves in the face of so many impossible situations. I give it a 6, but not before going to the list of my favorite action movies (I have mentioned some before) and raise them all two points in their rating, because if we accept this one, we must do the same with the others.

La casa de papel rating

La casa de papel was a brutal bombshell, first nationally and then internationally, becoming, in a way, a social phenomenon that went beyond the limits of television fiction. The red overalls, the Dalí masks and the “Bella, chao” acquired semantic connotations linked to the rebelliousness of those who dare to challenge the system.
The 21 episodes of the two previous parts left the plot well closed, so that the third has to look for a plot excuse for the gears to deoxidize and start working again. But, before that, the plot opens up to the outside world, and the producers are showing off their chest by taking us to explore some hidden corners of the world.
This will involve not only the reunion of “the family” but also the addition of new members to the group of robbers: Palermo, also known as “the engineer” (Rogrigo de la Serna), Marseille (Lukas Peros), who works from the outside, and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian). Mónica Gaztambide also follows in Denver’s footsteps by adopting the very accurate name of Stockholm.

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That yes, as always, we warn you: Netflix sometimes removes movies and series from its catalog (sometimes forever, sometimes to upload them again in a few weeks or months), practically at the same pace that it releases new ones, just as it could include after the publication of this article other series better than the ones we have included (hopefully).
This Christmas, the series premiered an interactive chapter, Bandersnatch, in which users could make decisions for the protagonist and thus get different stories depending on the paths they chose.
Description: From the creators of Planet Earth, in this case it shows what the great bodies of water of our planet contain, from coral reefs to the seas of ice or the species that live in the deep sea.
Description: Second adaptation of the manga by author Hiromu Arakawa that tells the story of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who after using alchemy must find a way to reverse the effects it has caused them.

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